Bocce, also called bocci or boccie, is a relaxed but strategic game with an ancient lineage. Although probably emerging from ancient Egypt, bocce started to hit its stride with the Romans and Emperor Augustus. It gained massive popularity with the influx of Italian immigrants at the turn of the 20th century. Today, bocce is a calming, competitive way to spend a few hours outdoors in the pleasant company of friends.  It is the third most popular sport in the world, next to soccer and golf.

Bocce involves a team of two couples (or four singles) competing against a similar foursome and trying their best to get their bocce ball closest to a smaller ball (pallino).  It’s relaxing and not complicated at all!  We currently have two courts and multiple leagues consisting of our Lost Lake neighbors.  All the equipment is provided to members of the league and their guests.

The Lost Lake Rollers Bocce League has three divisions: Pasta (Monday), Pesto (Tuesday), and Vino (Wednesday).  The League will offer the formation of a fourth division (Thursday) for the 2017 season.  Any property owner of Lost Lake is welcome to join.  The League is pretty much filled until the new division is created.  Also, anyone can register as “stand-by” or “substitute”, which is often needed.

Additionally, we have pick-up leagues on Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm and Saturday morning at 10:00 am. Please be aware that the League is non-competitive and strictly fun oriented with our neighbors, friends and acquaintances.

Laughter and good humor are an integral part of the game at Lost Lake, where we firmly believe these two elements to be absolutely critical components of Ninja-level player skill!

Please contact the Lost Lake Rollers Bocce League Advantage Property Management.


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